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Mauerquartett is a perfect gift. It provides insight into the subject, is an exciting souvenir for tourists and an instructive lesson for every student.

Easily you can order the Mauerquartett by email to: info@mauerquartett.org
In the moment it’s only available against prepayment. After ordering you get an email with the information needed for the transfer. The dispatch is then usually 2-3 business days after the receipt of payment.

Unitprice: EUR 12,50 (incl. 19% VAT, shipping extra)

Shipping cost: EUR 1,80 for one game within Europe.

For the Shipping cost in the order of several games and outside Europe, please contact: info@mauerquartett.org

Shop: If you want to sell Mauerquartett, please contact: info@mauerquartett.org
I am looking forward to cooperating.